You're Invited to Join the Convo.

We want Y-O-U to join the convo about refugees. 

Melt Goods I Huda Refugee WomenOne of the goals here at Melt is to inform and educate you about anything and everything that has to do with refugees. We are over here trying to figure out how to create a sustainable business that not only provides empowering and happy jobs for resettled refugee women, but also is one that is profitable. Obvi the more we can sell, the more women we can support through employment. So we want this blog to be an interesting, approachable, and relevant source of information for you. Annnnnyways, we're starting to create a list of topics to post. We've brought on some super-rad summer interns who will help research, interview, and discuss a variety of topics, like what it's really like to wear a hijab in America, or Q&A's with local refugee high schoolers, or even an explanation of the refugee vetting process.

But before we start posting away, we want to invite you into the conversation. 

What would you like to know? What questions do you have for us or our two refugee jewelry makers, Huda and Saja? 

Send us a note --> We'd love to hear from you!