Red, White, and Blue

Fireworks, grills burning, and time spent with family...I could only be describing the American holiday known as the Fourth of July. Celebrating the independence of a new nation from Great Britain holds promises of fun and great memories, but often times falls into forgetting the true meaning behind the national holiday. I'll give a quick recap- The Declaration of Independence is a document issued and adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, officially severing ties between the 13 colonies and Great Britain. Reasons for the separation were summarized in the document, ranging from religious freedom, to the absence of a true democracy, and issues with taxes and the military. 

Not a day goes by that our country collectively is not thankful for all the opportunity and freedom made available to its citizens by the adoption of this document, and the brave souls who created it. The success of America and all of its inhabitants are products of the act that happened on this day, and the norms we associate with our day to day lives are because of it.

 The definition of independence for Americans is the exact same for refugees, and is the sole purpose behind their resettlement. Simply wanting to experience religious freedom, equal opportunity, and safety by the hands of the government of their home country is why thousands of refugees find new homes every day. Unfortunately, arriving at their new destinations brings new obstacles that require freedom as well- freedom from discrimination, persecution, and violence, just to name a few. These reasons are why its so important for everybody to stay informed on current affairs globally, and use that information to correctly inform yourself and others about the refugee crisis, and other issues similar to it.

 Holding the truths that all men are created equal with human rights given to them by God is in the foundation of our country. In recent times, its easy to forget what our nations democracy is basing actions and beliefs on, but its essential to keep every humans unalienable rights in mind. I think the golden rule applies seamlessly- do unto others as you would want done onto you.