The Beginning.

Here's how it all started.

The idea behind this blog is that it will be a safe place to be honest, open, and yourself. This is real talk with a flair of fun. 

I'm kicking things off by sharing the story of how I got here. Side note: being the only one on the team who is from America and fluent in English, I have no one to tell me this is stupid, or lame, or that it sounds a lot like those post-college ramblings.

Call me a typical millennial, but I've always wanted to do something that had a meaningful impact. Something that has a real purpose and that makes a positive difference in people's lives. Through media (dare I say the internet?), we have been exposed to the real needs in the world. It's there that I started to pay attention to the refugee crisis. After reading stories, seeing photos, and watching videos, my heart was softened to those who had to go through such hardships. Then I began to see all of the negative feedback about refugees being resettled in America. It started to bother me and cause me to think about how I could help. 

Thus, the formation of Melt Goods, a company that sells jewelry made by resettled refugees in America. Often, refugees come to America with very little belongings. They are thrown into a country where they do not know the language, culture, or systems. It can be difficult to find good work to support themselves and their families.

We believe one of the best ways to alleviate poverty is through employment. So we create jobs by selling jewelry made by refugee women. Melt exists to create beautiful products that you want to wear. What we do not want to be is a company with a social mission that offers products that are pity purchases. They should be pieces you are proud to wear because they make you look BOSS.

It's frustrating and disappointing that there are people who have such a negative reaction towards refugees coming to America. So Melt Goods is also here to show the value and serious cool factor that refugees bring to America. They are ardent about their work, families, and future. It is a gift to work alongside such rockstars.